Franco Ippolito

Sales Representative

Cell: 613-222-1633 | Office: 613-369-5924

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As you begin to think about buying a home, you're probably aware that this is going to be a very important investment. You might also be wondering they key information you really need to know as you go into this process. This is where I come in. I’ve been trained to know the ins and outs of this market, and I will always have your best interest in mind. 

The Home Buying Process 

The first step is to determine your budget, time frame then identify what exactly you’re looking for in your new home. I can help you narrow that down and we’ll begin the search right away. As you compare the options currently on the market, I’ll provide you with pertinent information about the home, its neighbourhood, zoning, utilities, and nearby plans for development.

Once you’ve identified a property that interests you, the next step is to prepare an offer and then negotiate on your behalf. I’ll also attend property inspections, ensuring that any and all agreed upon repair work is carried out, and handle all of the paperwork related to the sale. I can also help recommend a mortgage broker to help with the financing for your investment.

If you'd like to know more about the home buying process, I’d love to tell you all about it. Contact me

Five Reasons to buy your home with a REALTOR®:

  1.     Get access to all the listings- including listings that haven’t officially hit the market yet.
  2.     Simplify the home buying process
  3.     Learn all the facts on properties you're interested in.
  4.     Negotiate with a trained and experienced professional.
  5.     Handle all of the paperwork.